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But Are You Working on the Right Things?

Many times in the non-profit sector we hear of managers who try to keep their team members accountable.  I often tell folks that we are striving for excellence because we serve an excellent God.  Unfortunately, not everyone buys into this (although I still think it makes a whole lot of sense!).

People will say, "But I'm working so hard! I'm putting in so many hours!"  True but are you working on the right things?  The kinds of activities that will add real value to your work.

So how do you determine if you're working on the right things?  On easy way is to ask your boss what your top three priorities should be.  Another way is to review your job description and whittle it down to the bare necessities.  Finally, you can fall back on your To-Do list and ask yourself a simple question,

"Which activity, if I did not do it today, would I regret not doing?"

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