The Challenge of Contemporary Leaders

540963131_08c7661f68_m"The challenge of contemporary leaders is to honor both the need for solitude and engagement."  Delores Leckey

The degree to which a leader maintains wellness is often what separates him/her from those who burn out.  One of my spiritual heroes, Fr. Thomas Judge, a Vincentian priest from Boston who died in 1933 literally passed away from overwork.  It's something that has always bothered me about him.  Sadly, he's not alone when it comes to those who lack balance in their lives.

What can you do today to nurture both quiet and noise?  How can you maintain a level of solitude- can you go for a walk, put on some headphones or close the door?  Just as importantly, how can your engagement with others be just as satisfying?

At the end of the day, the age-old Benedictine mantra of pray and work is just as relevant as ever.

*photo by anoldent