Easter Break & Blogging Sabbatical

"Sabbath keeping is not about taking a day off but about
being recalled to our knowledge of and gratitude for God's activity in creating
the world, giving liberty to captives, and overcoming the powers of death."

— Dorothy C. Bass

Christians around the world entered into Holy Week as of today, Palm Sunday.  For literally millions of believers, this week above all others is considered "set apart", that is to say it is holy by virtue of what took place this week two thousand years ago.

For me, work has been crazy lately.  As I checked in earlier today with my mentor, I had to admit that "busyness" is not necessarily godliness.  Still, we press on and keep positive.  I like to think of this as God's week and my family and I will be traveling and spending a lot of time at church.

In the spirit of taking a sabbatical (or practicing sabbath), I'll be stepping away from blogging until mid-April.  I need a break.  For those wondering, "Is Mike okay", the answer is a resounding yes.  Everyone needs a break and it will enable me to come on back with more gusto than ever before.

See you in a few weeks!

*Photo by unhindered by talent