Win the Day

Many strategic plans address a stretch of time that lasts for 3-5 years.  Red eye flight.

A month is much shorter.  Day flight.

A week is even better.  Helicopter tour.

A day is right in front of us.  Freeway traffic.

Sometimes when you are looking to make progress in work and in life, it's tempting to think big (flight to Europe).  The problem is that life gets in the way and God may have other plans than your strategic plan allows in the long run.

Sometimes all you can do is to win the day.  As your day unfolds, try not to worry about your mission statement, your life goals or what your tombstone will say.  Just win the day.  Make the best of your meeting.  Enjoy your commute. Take prayer to heart.  Talk with those you love.  Just win the day.

That may be the best horizon of all.