When God and Blogs Intersect

Anyone who has a blog has tinkered with tweaks and modifications to everything from the design to the very name of the blog.  This often leads to spin-off blogs that extend the blogger's expertise into the community.

Here's an example- Leo Babauta of Zen Habits eventually created Write To Done and then Mnmlist.  He's a prolific writer with many interests and his readership has obviously liked what it's seen.

Two spin-offs that I've toyed with over the years have been FaithWorker and BraveProductivity.  While I haven't pulled the trigger, each time a spin-off comes to mind it gives me pause.  Should I switch my blog name?  What kind of marketing campaign would be needed if I were to switch?

If you're a blogger, pay attention to the inner stirrings that your platform provides.  A stirring is a classic Quaker concept whereby you listen to what God may be telling you.  For bloggers, this may come from a comment that someone posts or from an email that someone sends you.  If you run contests on your blog, the feedback that you generate may tell you something.

How do you listen to the voice of God within your online platform?

*photo by AnnieMol
Blogging, FaithMike StPierre