The Problem May be You

571348271_6dbfd6c660_mI love reading about productive people.  Not the ones who have 15 aids to follow them around during the day and do their work.  No, I enjoy the ones who have simple habits that help them get things done, whether they have an admin at their side or not.

As a person of faith, I'm used to studying those before me (i.e. saints, missionaries, pastors) and then trying to incorporate their skills into my own life.  There is a real parallel with those who are productive.  Watch and learn and you'll pick up a few of their tricks.

Still, I have to admit that I've been in a true rut as of late.  Whether it's been the rain (photos here) or daylight savings time or just a resistance to get my inbox to zero, my productivity has been off.  Looks like I'm not the only executive in a rut as even Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt posted about this earlier in the week.

The hard realization is this: the problem isn't my inbox, my work projects or anything external.  The problem is me.  I constantly think of what others may think of me and that can be a problem.  As an introvert (and high C in the DISC profile), my ability to work well is acutely linked with my internal drive.  Rather than worry about how I'm leading the organization, I've got to focus on why I'm leading and then get to it.

My resolution today?  I'm going to arrive early and be sure that my daily agenda is in order.  I have three collumns:

-To Do

-To Connect w/

-To Meet

In each category, I list several items that are critical for the day.  The day then shapes around those priorities.

I'm praying for all TDS readers. If you have ever been in a work-rut, I hear you.  The problem may be you at the end of the day but the good news is this: if you're reading this post, you've got a new opportunity to start over.  Let's get to it.

*photo by Tambako the Jaguar