How an iPhone Can Make You More Contemplative

We've all seen it and it stings each time.  A family walks into a restaurant with children in tow and it starts to go downhill from there.  The son is playing on his Nintendo DS.  The daughter is texting on her cell phone.  The mom and dad may or may not be talking to one another.  It's the American dream gone bad- cool gadgets but no real family time.

If you've witnessed this scene as I have many times you probably have one of two reactions: you relate to it or you can't help but wonder if there might be a better way to live.

I'm definitely in the latter category.  As someone who tries to have a daily time of prayer, the idea of being contemplative is just that on most days- an idea.  But on those rare occasions when my faith syncs with the hectic schedule I maintain, it's as if the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

That's where my iPhone comes in.  I've found three apps that I use to not only monitor my daily quiet time but reinforce it throughout the day.

  • Awesome Note: I use Awesome Note for my daily prayer to the Holy Spirit which I pray on my way in to work.  It's also a great place for the quotes that I collect.  This video review captures the gist of all that Awesome Note does:

  • Momento: This is a terrific app for those who want to capture a glint of inspiration.  I use Momento to record the enduring thought that I try to find each morning.  It allows you to attach a tag such as "Scripture" or "Famous Quote", etc.  Worth the cost, trust me.

  • iMissal: Last but not least, iMissal has been a contemplative ally for several months.  You can find the daily Scripture readings for the Roman Catholic Mass in either text or audio format.

The tools of any productivity guru are essential whether in digital format or plain old pad and paper.  Likewise, the tools of someone seeking more contemplation in life are just as vital.
Faith, ProductivityMike StPierre