How Visual are your To-Do Lists?

To-Do lists are important to getting things done.  We make them on the back of napkins, on the back of our hands, on the back of just about anything.  I once make a list on the back of my church bulletin as the priest was giving his homily.  Hey, I'm just saying...

Digital versions abound as well for getting things done.  The only problem is that they presume that you are a linear thinker, devoid of any style or sense of aesthetic.

The fact is that some of us are hands on learners (kinesthetic) while others are auditory learners and can sit through hours and hours of lectures.  And then there are those of us, like me, who learn by seeing progress.

We're a strange bunch.  We draw, sketch and jot our way through life.  We need to see how things work before we can figure it out for ourselves.

Fortunately, some software meets the visual learners head on.  Here is a short clip that details my appreciation for the OmniGroup and their fantastic suite, OmniFocus for Mac OS.

What I like about OmniFocus for iPad is that it has a wonderful feature called Forecast.  It's essentially an overhead view of the week ahead.

What are you using to keep your lists both visual and effective?