The Heart of a Really Decent Blog

I read lots of blogs every day.  Sometimes they occur during a morning quiet time or while I'm on a conference call. I don't use an RSS reader like I used to because I just don't have the time.  But blogs keep me engaged and the ones I do read leave a dent.

These are the ones that keep me coming back and add value to my life.  They make a difference- plain and simple.

For example, I've learned to facilitate meetings smarter as a result of Manager Tools.  I've also become a more simple person as a result of Zen Habits.  I could go on and on.

I've found a kinship with the bloggers I follow because we have one thing in common, although our topics may differ: joy.  At the heart of blogging is the sheer, simple desire to share and create.  When we do this, joy is the result.

There is a magical distance between having an idea and then creating a blog post to extrapolate its core.  Imagine being able to do this once, twice or more during a given week.  This is why experts argue that leaders are missing a huge opportunity if they don't blog. Imagine then the unique bridge with potential readers.  Genuine friendships can form as a result.

To me it's simply about joy.

*photo by funky64