Your Least Favorite Day of the Week?

Which day do you dread each week?

Some would say Mondays.  After all, the stress of work shocks most people out of their weekend leisure.  For others, the mid-week grind of Wednesday is least favorite.

For me, it's Tuesday. Each week, I pump myself up on Sunday night, readying for the strain of the week.  It starts at around Sunday lunchtime.  The feeling of dread and sadness.  As I pour myself into my work each week, I know that I lose a little of myself each week.  That's why the sadness comes and visits me each Sunday.  I greet it and have learned to accept it.  As an introvert, I don't particularly enjoy being in the spotlight from Monday-Friday so I have to ready myself for the challenges that each week brings.

By Monday morning, I'm ready to rock and roll.  The day is usually smooth as the table is set for the rest of the week.

It's Tuesday that I struggle with.  It's like a letdown of sorts.  All of that psychic energy into the front bookend of the week leaves Tuesday to pick up the pieces.

Whatever day you struggle with, here are some suggestions as to dealing with it:

  • Change up your schedule. Arrive early or show up late.  Take an alternate route to work.  These small changes can make a huge difference.

  • Give yourself permission to be less than 100%. This sounds counterintuitive but it works.  By giving yourself a green light to not be obsessed with high performance for one day a week, you may actually be improving your productivity.

  • Build your week around your best days. When you can identify the day (hopefully not days!) that is least favorite, you can then put more emphasis on the stronger days.  This will allow for better spaces for tough meetings and higher level tasks.

Which day do you least enjoy each week?

*photo by pouwerkerk