Laziness as a Tool for Motivation

My wife will tell you that I'm not the most handy guy around the house.  I have a closet door that is slightly off-kilter, a handle to a faucet that isn't quite right and a few other items that I regularly ignore at home.  After a while I just don't notice these things and I'm okay with it.  Part of it is a lack of ability but another part is due to being lazy.  Guilty as charged.

As so many people have said of late, laziness might not be so bad after all.

Let me explain.  This past week I repaired a bathroom sink.  I'll admit that I really don't have a passion for plumbing but I was not about to walk all the way upstairs in order to get a shower and brush my teeth.  I'd much rather walk five steps down the hall to a fully functioning bathroom.  So fix the darn thing is what I did.

I realized that my desire to avoid walking those extra steps was just enough to tackle a project and get it done.

Sometimes being lazy is a powerful lever for taking action.  How can you employ laziness as a means of motivation and increased productivity?

*photo by jkunz