Today: Free Trials of Log My Task!

logmytaskIf you maintain a project list, and I hope that you do, you'll know that it gets very frustrating when others are not exactly on top of their list.  I currently have over 30 projects that I'm either heading up or touching in some way so any way that I can better manage their progress is a boost for productivity and overall personal peace.

Allow me to introduce Log My Task, a new method of tracking the various items that are within your project list.  Remember that David Allen defines a project as anything that takes several steps to complete.  This could be a simple trip to the market or a renovation to your beach house.  The nice things about Log My Task are threefold:

  1. It's affordable: trials are free until more users jump in. Then, it's still only .99 a month.  Very cheap.

  2. It does what it says: it tracks the time you're spending on a task.

  3. It promotes collaboration: various teams can be formed and then, similar to Google Docs, you can share documents and progress on various tasks.

The good folks at Log My Task have given The Daily Saint users a code, enter thedailysaint and they'll allow the free access to take it for a spin and test it out.  Enjoy!
At Work, collaborationMike StPierre