Keep it Simple, Twitter Style

3882665850_f573425c12_mLike many iPhone users, I've experimented with a variety of apps.  My general rule is this: if I can't figure it out within 30 seconds, I delete it.  Sounds harsh?  Try it out yourself and maybe you'll agree- Simple is good.

One example of simple that works for me is an app for Twitter called Tweetie. Tweetie is not only easy to use but it works like a charm.  It's fast (always important), has a great "favorite" feature and it's a meat and potato approach to updating your Twitter account.

One app that violates the Doctrine of Simple is called Twitterific. Stylish yes but easy to use- a big no.  Twitterific tries to do too much and ends up frustrating the user.

How much is Simple a part of your life?  Whether it's your wardrobe, your home or your approach to faith, Simple just seems to make sense.

*Photo by House of Sims
Simplicity, Web/TechMike StPierre