What's on my Reading List? Here's a Look.

439384051_8cf101bf2b_mI love books and with a longer commute, I have the opportunity to listen to a ton of content.  I also like to putter through books in the early hours of the day and also before bed.  If you ask my wife, she'll tell you that I probably read too many books at once.  A bad habit of mine, I admit!

So what's on my just-completed and current list?

Just Completed

Simplicity Marketing, Steven Cristol

What Got You Here Won't Get You There, Marshall Goldsmith

The Bourne Betrayal, David Ludlum

Killing Cockroaches, Tony Morgan (click here for the video promo for Tony's book)

Currently Reading

The Bancroft Strategy, David Ludlum

By Way of Grace, Paula Huston

Rule of Apostolic Life, Missionary Cenacle Apostolate

Making it All Work, David Allen

The Big Moo, Seth Godin

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