Look Busy- Your Boss is Coming

2414644613_ff1a44db88_mBosses take notes.  They really do.  Maybe not on paper right in front of you but certainly in their heads.  Why employees forget this is beyond me.  When bosses forget this, their leadership gets compromised.

BNET has this interesting piece about how/why to look busy when the boss walks by.  I certainly don't advocate looking busy just for the sake of looking busy but ...

Even if your boss is really nice- he's still your boss.

Even if you've gone over the home of your boss for a cookout- she's still your boss.

Even if you both love The Moody Blues- he's still your boss.

So what to do if your boss is or isn't around- just do your job.  Seems like the most simple and direct way to serve God and make your boss happy.

*Photo by A Day