How Public is Your Leadership?

seacoast-620x469-1I met yesterday with a local school principal, then with a group of student leaders, then with their coaches and finally with over 100 parents.  My message was simple- leadership comes to life when its public face is identical to its backstage presence.

How public is your leadership?

One church is broadcasting their staff meetings online. Now that's public.  People are using Twitter to broadcast their complaints about their boss.  That's semi-public.  Folks are posting to Facebook when their car gets stolen.  That's almost public.  They key is this: find your voice, your niche and your passion, then share it with others.  That is ultimately a core component of leadership.

You'll know that you've become a great leader when you emerge as someone who is listened to for your voice, niche and passion.  You'll become an expert in your field.  The good news is that there are millions of fields out there just waiting to be tapped.
LeadershipMike StPierre