A Lesson from Craislist

On Monday morning at about 6AM, I posted on Craigslist two items that are apparently of great value.  Two measly hose caddies (broken I might add) generated no less than 15 inquiries from onlookers.  Was it because there is some intrinsic rarity to plastic and rubber?  Could it have been the freeness of them?  One would think that I had acquired a bone of St. Peter.

Imagine doing something so awesome at work today that 15 people send you an email to give you feedback.  Or to tell you that you're making a difference.  The fact is that most people are pretty ordinary and settle in to show up, get some tasks done and then check out.  For those who put God first in their work, the difference is this- they show up and then show out.

Kind of like those two hose caddies on Craigslist.

*Photo by Beth Harper
At WorkMike StPierre