7 Things the Church Can Learn from Luxury Hotels

Earlier this week I attended a David Allen seminar called "Making it all Work" and was blown away by the seminar.  David is as dynamic in person as he is online and really made it a point to relate to the audience.  He ate lunch with folks, he autographed books and took photos whenever people asked.  Very real and down to earth.  Strangely though, it wasn't only David Allen who shined on this particular day.

It was the hotel.

The seminar was hosted by a luxury hotel in Boston.  On the outside it may have seemed like any other big-city venue for a conference but I found the little touches to be impressive.  The church can learn from these small details, such as:

  1. Upon arrival, restrooms were clearly marked. After five hours in the car, a helpful detail.

  2. Signage was clear and bright.  They used big screen, plasma TV's for conference information.  Nice touch.

  3. Staff were helpful. I needed a letter mailed and of course they took care of it for me.

  4. Security was abundant. Two to three staffers were there for us at all times.  We felt comfortable leaving laptops and personals in the room if we needed a break.

  5. Food was stellar. We're talking about expensive bottled drinks, just-baked cookies and shining silverware.  Don't think it matters?  Reconsider the next time your restaurant provides spotted glasses.

  6. Technology was accessible. For a WEP key, I simply asked the concierge who of course obliged.  I needed to check Google Calendar so this was essential for the end of the day.

  7. Comfort was omnipresent. There were small seating areas around every corner and when traveling, these details make a big difference.

Imagine if your church listed these same details as part of its environment and overall experience.  Would you be able to make a seven point list similar to this one?  There are resources out there for evaluating a "church experience" which may be helpful.  The key is this: attention to detail and responsiveness to guests.

Takeaway: What can your church do to be more oriented to customer service?

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