Sunday Night Reflections: Trinity Sunday

Today's Mass was long, really long and yet it was incredibly uplifting. While my wife and I spent the time tag-teaming our little ones both in the pew and back in the narthex. It always amazes me how I can focus, unfocus and then refocus- all because of the kids. Gift and challenge.

Some thoughts based on today's celebration:

  • Homily: Deacon Brian delivered a terrific homily! I've never heard him preach and he was calm, focused and practical. Why doesn't this guy preach more often?

  • Application: Brian recommended a simple, three minute practice for the end of the day. Spend the first minute thanking the Father for your highlight, talk to the Son about your struggle point and ask the Spirit for guidance for the following day's demands. Powerful and to the point. Thanks Brian!

  • Baptism: little Luke Andrew was baptized today and Fr. Leonardo was his usual, spirited self. It's always inspiring when the priest lifts the child high above his head and presents the baby to his new community. Of course I did lean over to my daughter and whisper, "Don't drop the baby". Hey, I'm practical and safety conscious.

  • School: we acknowledged today the first graduating class of St. Vincent's School. An elderly nun and a dozen of her students- amazing group of people!

  • Song: our contemporary choir is so gifted and really shined today. They even hosted a religious sister who was the soloist for How Beautiful.

All things considered, today's celebration of Trinity Sunday was phenomenal. Is it because I was on the lookout for material for Sunday's night's post? I don't think so. I just sensed the Spirit at work on so many levels.

*Photo by Bernardoh