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Sunday Night Reflections from Pentecost Sunday

My parish is unlike any other and the people of St. Vincent's have taught me a lot about the spirituality of work.  Here are some reflections based on today's Mass:

  • Fr. Pat, "Today is a great day to be the church!"  Well said from someone who has led the parish for almost twenty years.

  • Text messaging is not cool in church.  Tell the lady in front of me, please.  I think her name is Denise based on her messages.

  • Support your pastor, after all, he's got a lonely job.  Shake his hand.  Tell him he's cool.  He needs your support.

  • Being late for an 11:30AM Mass is not cool.  Just ask me and my family.  Guilty as charged.

  • Look around- lots of holy, hurting and happy people trying to draw closer to Christ.  St. Augustine said that the Church is supposed to be full of sinners.

  • Mass on a nice day is almost always more enjoyable.  Now if we could just figure out how to program that piece of things.

  • Homilies are complicated so try to take just one thing away from them.  What's your takeaway from today?

  • Joy- that's the key point that I took away from Fr. Pat's message.  People who say they're Christian should be visibly joyful people.

Have a great week.  Make it great for someone else. Make it a workweek that is truly spiritual.

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