The Three Most Dangerous Letters Behind Your Name

A  B  D

These three letters strike fear into the hearts of just about any graduate student.  Not wanting to be labeled as "All But Dissertation", students work their tails off just to complete their thesis in a timely fashion.  Unfortunately, many best intentions leave to-be scholars in the category of those who almost finished their doctorates.  These folks are everywhere, just ask around.  I've heard it from religious brothers to stay-at-home moms.

I was just about to finish my thesis when we got pregnant.

I really meant to finish my thesis but life got crazy.

We can all relate.  Just last week, I finished tiling my covered porch which had been completed the summer before.  Ok, almost finished.  It was my version of A B D but for a home project.  I had left three tiles without grout and told myself that the job would be completed soon.  Very soon, I told myself, so as to make things more palatable.  Weeks turned into months and so the story goes.

What do you walk by every day at home that speaks of "almost done"?  Is it a home improvement project or something that's been sitting on your desk for weeks? How about at work?  What initiative needs just a little push to get it to done?  Doesn't it bother you that it could be completed but isn't?

So as to avoid A B D at home and at work, a new approach is needed.  This approach takes courage and the will to see a project to completion.  It's a perspective that refuses to walk over the three tiles every single day that still need grout.

What can you do today that will transform "almost done" into Job Well Done?