The New Daily Saint Faith and Work Blog

Some new things are on the horizon for The Daily Saint.  As the site has gone through maturations over the past two years, Easter Sunday is the perfect time to announce a new blog.  The them is new and fresh but more importantly, the content is more lazer-focused than ever before.

You'll still find productivity tips but my passion has changed in the last year.  A little less focus on tools and tricks and more of a sense of the meaning and value of work.  As the Benedictines practice the ancient formula of "ora et labora" or prayer and work, so The Daily Saint blog will focus more on the intersection of faith and work.

The blog will now focus more on the spiritual side of work.  As I'm a Christian and Roman Catholic, I'll be hilighting the best of my own tradition while bringing out the best of the business world as it relates to faith and work.

So get ready and enjoy the ride.  New things ahead.

*photo by Kool Skatkat