How to Create Your Own Home Library

I've been enrolled in a Master's program for the last year and a half.  As the end is in sight, I've had plenty of opportunity to read.  And read.  And read.

You'd think that my home library would be filled with all of the books that I've read right?  Not exactly.  I've decided instead to fill my library with the things that I'll use instead of the books that I've been forced to read.  What then fills my shelves?  I've compiled a binder for each class that I've taken, each filled with my class notes, key learnings and any handouts that I've gathered.  I'll be able to look back over my degree and find the particular content that I need at any given moment.

I'm also about finished with the Pat Lencioni library of books.  While I don't have notes for all of these, the author provides a learning guide for each book.  I simply print those out, three-hole punch them and then my binder is complete.

Whether it's a graduate program, filled with texts and class notes or an author that you really enjoy, building your personal library is not that difficult.  Start small and with something that you're really interested in.  Go for it!

Photo by Maunbrowncow