What's Obstructing Your Productivity?

A while back my bathroom sink backed up.  It started out as a slow-draining kind of situation and matured into something less efficient as far as sinks go.  When our plumber took at look under the hood, he snaked the pipes and found something most interesting.

A remnant of another snake that had broken off.

We quickly put two and two together and realized that a previous plumber had snaked the pipes years ago, only to have broken off part of his device.  And left it there for us to discover at the helm of our trusty plumbing friend.  Amazing stuff.

So I'm wondering what's obstructing your productivity system?  Do you have a planner that you bought years ago that's just not working for you?  Is the layout of your workspace stumping your creativity and ability to focus?  How about your weekly preparation- has your weekly review become less weekly?

By identifying what's holding your productivity back, you can then get more things done.  So what are you waiting for?

Photo by R.Rasmussen