How Fasting Could Impact More Than Just Your Faith

As Christians around the world entered into the ancient season of Lent on Ash Wednesday, a period of fasting begins.  As Muslims have Ramadan, Christians use Fridays in Lent for fasting from meat and to limit consumption. An outsider might view this as a astrange practice indeed but fasting pays off in countless ways.

The key of course is in one's motivation to fast.

Those who are skilled at fasting have taught us to link our fasting with a cause.  This rallying cry might be as simple as

  • those around the world

  • the poor and abandoned

  • my children

  • someone in need

  • a relative who is ill

By starting the fast in dedication to one of these people, things go smoother and any discomfort is made bearable.  It could be at a random point in the day, say 11AM when you feel most hungry.  At that point, a silent, almost unnoticable prayer is lifted up on behalf of the person you're linking to your fast.

Benefits of fasting include the slowing down of body and mind. One becomes more grateful for what one has.  Mormons fast once a month and then donate the money to someone in need.  I've learned to savor what food I do have when the fast is broken, eating more slowly and cherishing the simple things of life.

If you've not fasted before, it's worth a try as long as you do it in moderation.  For an excellent resource on fasting, check this out. For more information about Lent, this will do.

Photo by LivingOS