Interview with William Martin, Education Professional

I sat down William Martin, Director of Activities for Oratory Preparatory School in Summit, NJ to discuss his productivity.  In addition to being a master of project management, William is an avid reader of The Daily Saint.

What do you do on a weekly basis in order to stay organized?

I maintain a weekly planner where I write down everything that's coming up and what needs to be done.  I'm also a big list keeper but I'd like to move into a more tech-based approach.  With the release of the iPhone, it's hard not to think of what a more mobile approach can do for your work.

What are your sources of interruption in an average day?

Because I try to stay on task during the day, anything that is unexpected can throw me for a loop.  This could be a conversation, an emergency or just something that I hadn't thought of.  It's a good challenge for me to stay organized and still flexible enough to absorb the speed-bumps along the way.

What do you do for a morning routine to get yourself focused?

I take a few minutes to pray and meditate on the day ahead.  It puts my mind at ease and prepares me for my schedule and necessary tasks.

William, you are regarded as highly skilled at project management.  What's your secret?

I'm not saying that it's easy but as long as I stay in front of a project, things go well.  I plan ahead, keep an eye on the calendar and notify those that need to know about whatever details are coming at them.  The "one week rule" has been good to me- always be one week ahead of any meeting or event.  Even if it means getting up in the night to capture a thought or send an email, it's worth it.  I figure that if a project is on my watch, I want it to go very well.

What qualities of productive people do you admire most?

I admire those that are focused but not to the point of being consumed with their work.  I respect those who are collaborative- they get more things done.  Finally, I really enjoy working with those people who are goal-oriented.  It rubs off and my own productivity increases.

Thanks to William for his insights and here's to his ongoing success!

Photo by INX