Christmas, Expectations and Workflow Management

lightsIt's happening again- my neighbors are putting up those darned Christmas lights.  It's not that I don't like Christmas, I do.  My family takes Advent very seriously and we really do enjoy the spiritual meaning of the season.  It's just something about the lights that sticks with me.

I can't help it- I feel the peer pressure.  My nap is cut short because Mr. George's lights are on my mind.  I start thinking that maybe I should one-up him and put up some of my own.  How sad is that but be honest, haven't you felt the same?

When you're at work, do you feel this?  Someone is wasting time and over-chatting.  Feel like you should as well?  Or, someone else is busting their hump.  Does this rub off on you?

Why not use the strangeness of the Christmas season with all of its lights and pageantry to refocus on work.  Recalibrate to take inventory of how much you are aware of others' expectations of you.

Then go out there and kick some butt.  On any given day, God is there for you in the midst of your busy schedule so it makes perfect sense to dedicate it all to Him.  Even if your neighbor is putting up his Christmas lights.

*Photo by Storeyland