Do You Have a Family Mission Statement?

4101138412_28070105ee_mA few years ago, my wife and I had the realization that the Sunday after Christmas felt well, somewhat “off”.  It was as if Christmas dominated our heart and then we “did our duty” in reporting for Mass the Sunday afterwards.

So we decided to do something to change that.

We drafted a family mission statement, typed it up and framed it on the Feast of the Holy Family. This past Sunday, we shared with the kids the statement for the 2nd time and we discussed it.  I asked them, “Are we living up to this?  Does this need any edits?”  Of course they were more than willing to point out the areas that we came up short.

It could have been that we put the statement up through the Nintendo Wii or that they were tired, but they really enjoyed the process.  We took about ten minutes and had an excellent family conversation about what we have been about and where the Holy Spirit might be leading us in 2010.

I hear from many families who are stressed and running from one thing to the next.  The economic downturn has only made whatever flaws that exist in our families stand out all the more.

What are some components of a good Family Mission Statement?

  • It ought to be written so that kids can understand it.

  • It ought to fit on one page.

  • It ought to be reviewed periodically.

  • It ought to be placed in a prominent spot in the home.

  • It ought to be referenced in either family meetings or when good/bad things come up.


For a little help in crafting a family mission statement, here’s a resource.

I also recommend author Pat Lencioni who wrote The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family.

*photo by ninniane
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