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Who's the Leader of Your Team?

picCan you answer this question?

If so, if he asked you to work overtime- would you do it?

If she asked you to contribute $20 to a charitable organization- would you do it?

How about $100?

Turns out, leadership matters a whole lot.  But only if the leadership is justified, explained and reinforced.  I know that when my local Bishop launches his annual appeal, I respond.  Not because I know exactly where the money is going.  I don't but I have enough faith in the system to go ahead with a donation.

If you're a leader, are you asking for a $20 commitment or a $100 commitment?  A great leader can ask for more and will get it time and time again.  More time. More money.  More dedication.  More creativity.  More results.

*photo by tanakawho

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