Why Time Management Still Matters

I spoke last weekend on the topic of time management to a group of nearly all women.  Turns out the phrase "time management" means something to a lot of people and the room was packed.  It's not that the workshop wasn't about time management but I typically speak about it within a larger context.

To me, time management fits into the broader concept of the spirituality of work.  Here is the image that I often use to explain the big picture:

piechartThe thing is, very few people want to attend a workshop on just wages or labor relations.  Time management though, is still a phrase that matters to a lot of folks.  Here are three skills that every time management workshop could include:

Get things out of your head. By writing it down (or using some other capture tool), you'll cultivate the habit of clear thinking and get more things done.

Create a master project list. While it's important to separate work from personal, the key is to simply put it all in one landscape and then slice and dice it later.  Visit this list once a week and you'll rarely forget something again.

Plan your day. By taking a tactical approach to your day, you'll be able to conquer whatever battles come your way.  I typically form my day according to three columns: To Do, To Connect with, To Meet.  A very simple approach.

Turns out time management still matters after all.
Time ManagementMike StPierre