The Value of Syncronization

2955928515_5d0ea96d1c_mHow much value do you place on being in touch with the people that matter most? Isn't this the question that parents are unconsciously answering when they say yes to a new cell contract for their teenager?  Or when an adult child pays for an instant alert necklace for an elderly parent who is prone to falling.  For many of us, we place high value on getting to what matters most, when it matters most. I've fallen in love (ok not really but you know what I mean) with The Omni Group's app for my Macbook Pro and my iPhone called OmniFocus.  It's totally over the top when it comes to task management but it's so intuitively built that it makes you forget the cost of both apps.  Sure, others are out there with a lower price tag but one try of OF and you may be hooked like I was. The thing that I enjoy most, besides the interface of OF, is its ability to sync via Apple's MobileMe.  My iPhone and desktop are always in perfect syncronization and one impacts the other.

In your work life- is your use of time in sync with your biggest priorities?

In your faith life- are you in sync with a lifestyle that is different from the crowd?

*Photo by roland