How to Make a Comeback When Times are Tough

Tough economy, markets are down, folks are being laid off.  Time for a comeback right?

Palm, the company that made the original PDA famous, has been dying a slow death over the past few years.  With an aging product line and aggressive competition from Apple and RIM, Palm has struggled to produce new models and the ones it has introduced have seemed "blah" at best.

For today at least, Palm is the coolest kid in school.  At yesterday's CES conference, Palm put all of its eggs in one basket- a new operating system and a sexy new handheld.  So how did they do it and how can we learn from their example?

  1. Palm kept the wraps on their prototype. If loose lips sink ships then Palm just became the torchbearer.  There were literally zero model pictures that were leaked on the internet in the weeks and months prior to yesterday's release of the Palm Pre.  When you're about to make a big decision, keep only your inner circle in the loop.

  2. Palm broke the mold.  Palm could have just repackaged their old operating system but instead spent years retooling a version of Linux that is wowing even the most brazen of skeptics.  If you've been in a rut, reach for something different.  This might mean going back to school, moving or taking a sabbatical but it will be worth it.

  3. Palm one-upped the competition. Even as a Mac fan, I have to say that the Palm Pre has features that the iPhone can't imagine.  Wireless battery charging, as an example, is a great new feature that hasn't been seen in smartphones.  Don't ask God for the same as the next guy.  Be creative in what you strive for and always seek the best, from yourself and from God.

  4. Palm raised some eyebrows. By going with Sprint, Palm took tremendous risks.  Let's not forget however what we all thought of ATT when Apple announced that the iPhone would be exclusive to their network.  I don't think too many people will diss Sprint within a year once they start selling the Pre in droves.  Don't worry about what others will think.  As long as you're being ethical and working towards excellence, all will be well.