Inside my '09 Experiment: Centering Prayer

I was invited by Leo Babauta to participate in his The Power of Less 30 Day Challenge.  Not really prepared for "going public" with a New Year's resolution, I dove in and posted what came first to my mind.

10 minutes of centering prayer a day.

Little did I know how difficult centering prayer would be.  First, a little bit about this ancient method of prayer.  Centering prayer is a technique of daily meditation during which a sacred word or phrase is repeated in order to push back distracting thoughts.  Monks have used centering prayer for centuries as a way to stay grounded, pursue silence and retain a state of calm throughout the day.  The sacred word is less of a brick and more of a feather being dropped into a body of still water.  It's meant to be gentle as all get out.

Sounds easy right?  Not so fast.


I first began with a period of 5-10 minutes each night.  I would sit on my bed and just ... well, be.  My sacred word varied from "Lord" to "Jesus" or whatever else came to mind.  As a Christian, these words hold tremendous value for me.  For someone without a faith tradition, centering prayer can still be a helpful way of staying grounded during the day.  Just shift the sacred word and jump right in.

After a few days, I was feeling like I was being antisocial.  My wife would be watching TV in the next room and I would just extract myself in order to go and pray.  It wasn't working.

My second week was a series of hits and misses.  The couch was too cold (leather).  Lying on my stomach was too restrictive and I nearly fell asleep.  On a nightly basis, I was tempted to ditch my little experiment.  What difference is this making anyways,  I would tell myself over an over again.  Just fending off the negative voices in my head was more of a practice than the blessed 10 minutes that I was supposed to be doing.


So here I am after three weeks of centering prayer.  I've settled on a great spot- a comfortably wide chair in my living room.  I can look out the window at the stars if I get distracted.  As for my sacred word, I've tried hard not to hedge myself in on one phrase.  Sometimes I go back to "Lord" and at other times I just go with whatever feels right for the moment.  Not surprisingly, I'm ok with where I am for now.  With ten days to go, I am confident that I can keep with it and hopefully see the effects of centering prayer in the rest of my daily life.

More to come in follow up posts...stay tuned.


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