A New Year ... but a New "You"?

So it's  a new year and one flooded with opportunity.  I generally get pretty amped up as the new year approaches and have begun to use Christmas break as the time to prepare, pray and ponder the ways in which I want to be "new" in 2009.

I first look back over the past year- how did I do?  I had two goals and the major one was fulfilled.  I considered reloading my unfulfilled goal for '09 but then crossed it off the list.  It will be placed in my "someday/maybe" list- not going to worry about that.

My guidelines for goal setting in '09 are as follows:

  • Limit my goals to 3 or less

  • Keep it simple

  • Allow progress

I then revisited my thoughts a few days later and came up with something that I think is practical and will produce results.  Time will tell.

How about your New Year's Resolutions?