Follow Up Interview with Author Dave Crenshaw on Multitasking

Here is the transcript of my interview with author and coach Dave Crenshaw.  I'm grateful for his time and insight.

Q#1. The book is similar to Pat Lencioni's fable books- any inspiration
from Pat in the decision to write the book in the format that you did?

Absolutely. I was very excited when Pat Lencioni's publisher, Jossey-Bass, picked up the book. They were at the top of the list of the publishers I wanted to work with. I also found inspiration in Blanchard's

"One Minute Manager" and Goldratt's "The Goal".

Q#2. Why did you decide to focus on multitasking as opposed to another aspect of productivity?

I believe that no single behavior is having a greater impact on our current productivity than attempted multitasking. This constant switching of attention is robbing people of time, sanity, and relationships. It's leaving them segmented and feeling as if they have ADHD. I've worked with many executives who are inherently organized people; but because they bought into the myth of multitasking they developed habits that turned them into disorganized disasters.

Q#3. What productivity blogs do you enjoy, if any?

I'm a fan of Lifehacker. I love the concept of using technology to wrangle technology. Of course, I love the Daily Saint, as well!

Q#4. Who would win in an arm wrestling match and why: David Allen or Stephen Covey?

No offense to David Allen, I have to go with Covey. Since I grew up pretty much in his neighborhood, I've met him a couple of times. Covey looks like he's pretty tough, and he's fathered a quarterback.

To pick up a copy of Dave's latest book or find out more about his productivity coaching, visit his website.

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