Which One Thing Would You Fix?

Everyone's talking about the economy.  And the presidential election.  And the Church.

Seth Godin's talking about fixing problems rather than just talking about them.  If you could change just one thing about your own job, what would it be?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Your time of arrival.

  • Your morning routine.

  • Your preparation for the week.

  • Your choice of planner, PDA, software, you get the point.

  • The times of the day when you check email.

  • The times when you close your office door and actually get stuff done.

  • The layout of your workspace.

  • The way in which you talk to your boss.

  • The number of times that you say "thank you" to someone else.

  • The speed with which you work.

  • The little prayers before the difficult moments of the day.

  • The final hour when you wrap things up.

Photo by Ericgjerde

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