What do Whole Foods and Microsoft Have in Common?

Turns out that even Whole Foods is feeling the pinch.

As the economy worsens, the one-time Wall Street darling is trying to reposition itself as an affordable alternative to larger supermarkets like Giant and Stop and Shop. I was in a Whole Foods last week and affordable is not exactly the first word that came to my mind.? I like the idea of shopping there, I just can't seem to justify paying $5 for a pint of blueberries.? I know, I know, I must not understand the zen of their berries as opposed to the ones across the street which cost less.

Microsoft is also working hard to change perceptions of its struggling Vista platform.? The Mohave Experiment (who came up with that name?) is an effort to change people's minds about how nicely Vista behaves.? Except that it doesn't and that's a bit of a problem for Microsoft.

Is it possible to change the perception of a company?? The answer depends on how hard you try and how solid your product is.

How do folks perceive you at home or at work?? Is there anything that you can do to change their perception?? I suppose, like Whole Foods, it depends on how hard you try and how well you work.