Money Matters

Any sports fan in the NY Metro area knows that afternoon talk radio belongs to two men: Mike and the Mad Dog.  For the past 19 years, WFAN has featured these two sports junkies who delight eager callers with sports know-how and plenty of attitude.

But not any more.

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is leaving the program in order to take on something different with XM radio.   As is often the case, money plays into the equation.

Speculators believe that Russo's new contract will pay him in excess of $2million dollars per year.  Russo's response was somewhat laughable, suggesting that his "four children need to be fed", etc. 

As is often the case, money talks.  In my field of education, teachers often think that a few extra sheckles will matter a great deal but they often don't.  After taxes, it's the big bucks that matter a lot.  Why some teachers leave for 5-10K more money at another school is odd.  Just do the math- a big jump is where the difference is felt.

Research also indicates that most teachers don't leave education for the money factor.  Rather, it's due to dissatisfaction with administration or a school culture that doesn't promote excellence.  Not surprisingly, folks want to feel important as much as see it in their paychecks. 

For Mad Dog, the money was just too much.  Would you have done the same?

Photo by emdot