Luck, God's Will and Success at Work

Since I first discovered Seth Godin (thanks for the tip Gene Monterastelli) two years ago, I was immediately impressed.  He posts every day, his material is to the point and I learn things- not a bad trifecta!

This post deals with the role that old fashioned luck has in one's career success.  Many readers of The Daily Saint will write to me with something like this, "Mike, what about God's will in my seemingly mundane job?  When will my big break come?"  As if it's either luck or God's will that makes someone a smashing success!  Maybe it's both.

The big break...sometimes it's not so much a big break as it is a string of medium sized successes.  The art, of course, is seeing the good things along the way.  I spoke with a gentleman last night who works in HVAC.  It's not his dream job but it pays the bills.  The art, once again, is finding value in work that is predominantly "bill pay material". 

So can you have good luck, from a faith based perspective?  I'm not really sure but I do know that honing the skill of making good decisions is a must.  As Seth Godin says:

Either you believe that luck is dominant, in which case, why bother with effort?
You believe that luck is random, in which case it can be eliminated from your thinking and you can focus on all the stuff you can control.