GTD and ... Construction?

Walking around town last night, I spotted a contractor's vehicle with a startling name on the side in large print:

"Lar Roy Contracting"

Not being familiar with the word "lar roy", I kept walking until I had to turn around and look at the truck again.  There it was- a company built on the labor of two men- Larry and Roy.  At some point in the company's history, these two honest men must have held up a beer to the light while the bulb went on.  "I know!  Let's use half of my name and half of yours!"  The other man must have smiled with satisfaction and said quite simply, "Perfect!".

This perfect plan resulted in quite possibly the worst name in contractor's history.  I would have felt more comfortable with Larry Contracting or even Roy Construction but instead we have Lar Roy.  Amazing stuff.

A GTD connection here?  Absolutely!  If GTD is about anything, it captures a sense of knowing what you're all about and not trying to do too much.  Just enough.  The Swedish word "lagom" nails this perfectly, meaning "just the right amount".  Larry Contracting is good but Lar Roy is trying to do too much.

In your work today, consider what roles you have- too many? What could you do to streamline?  Consider your to-do list- too vast to ever complete? Scale it back and aim for 1 or 2 key tasks. 

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Photo by Mink.

GTDMike StPierre