The Productivity of Protest

In case you missed this, Catherine Doherty, one of the great women authors and mystics from this past century, is making headlines.  To be more precise, her devotees are the ones stirring things up.

Doherty's followers are returning the famed Order of Canada medal that Doherty received- in protest.  As Canadian officials recently awarded the same medal to a noted abortionist, Doherty's community decided to make a statement by returning her award to the Canadian government.  An interesting form of peaceful protest.

I imagine that Doherty is slightly amused and saddened by all of this.  A woman of great decency and courage, her heart must be heavy at the thought of Canada's slip in judgement.  Still, good can come from bad and her followers creative action is a sign of the legacy left by Doherty.

MinistryMike StPierre