Lessons From a Parking Lot

This past weekend, we took a trip to the local supermarket.  #2 was asleep so my wife went into the store and I was left to mind the shop in the parking lot, sitting in my not so mini mini-van.

I watch as a lady emerges from the store with her two children.  She opens up the back hatch of her 50K SUV and a glass bottle falls out, shattering on the ground in front of her.  Oddly, she does nothing.  I thought that it might be ice for a moment instead of glass.  She piles her two average sized kids into her oversized vehicle and backs out, crunching over the glass as she went.

A lot attendant walks by, kicking some of the glass out of the way in order to retrieve a stray cart.  We'll call him Chip.  More on him later.

Car #2 pulls into the same spot, driving over the glass.  Couple gets out and enters the store.  They return ten minutes later and walk over the glass, then get into the car and drive over the glass for a second time.

At this point, I'm feeling a bit like a bad person for sitting in my van while all of these people are making these terrible decisions.  I want to roll my window down and shout, "It's glass you moron!" Oddly, I neither roll down a window nor shout anything. Part of me is wildly amused.

Instead, I watch as car #3 pulls into the same spot, driving (of course) over the glass.  A family of four gets out and the little boy sprints through the parking lot towards a relative on the other side of the lot.  The father, sporting fake hair,  doesn't seem to mind that his son could have gotten squished by an oncoming car.  I start to wonder if the boy is talented and gifted and thus has the green light to run in public places.

Chip returns to the scene.  Kicks the glass (again) and retrieves yet another cart.  Chip, it's glass!  Didn't they train you in glass removal? 

I am feeling like I did in college when another student sleep-walked into my room at 3a.m.  This can't be really happening can it?  Must be a dream of sorts. 

What's odder- for all of these people to make such moronic decisions or for me to sit by and do nothing? 

FamilyMike StPierre