The Greatest Project...Ever

I know that strategic planning produces  tangible results but I may have discovered something better.  No, it's not a staff retreat nor is it a new coffee machine in the faculty work-room. 

I put up a tree swing in my backyard.

Who would have know that such a simple project would produce such amazing satisfaction?  Had I known, I would have put one up years ago.  Remembering that a project is defined as "anything you'd like to or need to get done which requires multiple steps", I set out to give my family hours of joy. 

Tree?  Check.

Rope? Check.

Ability to tie a knot?  Check the Internet.  Kind of important.

In less than one hour, I had gone to the hardware store, purchased my gear and I was good to go.  The result: my backyard is transformed into a play-zone. 

What project are you working on that is really worth the effort?  Which one will produce results that will completely transform your workplace?  Which project can you get rid of because it is a waste of time?