Let Your List Think for You

you remember the last time you were backing up your car and trusted
your rear-view mirrors entirely?  It's an odd feeling but one that
nonetheless confirms the trustworthiness of your mirrors.  There is of
course that temptation to turn your head and confirm that the mirrors
are providing accurate readings and you're not backing into an unforeseen Bentley.

Lists are kind of like mirrors in that they provide accurate readings on what's going on around us.  Or in us, in our heads that is to say. 

recently had a conversation with my wife about a grocery list she had
made earlier in the day.  As we prepped the kids to head out the door
for another fun adventure at the supermarket, she had a confused look
on her face.  I inquired.  She indicated that she couldn't remember
something that was or maybe was not on the grocery list.  I then
realized that I had become completely immersed in the GTD ethos when I said, "Don't think.  Let your list think for you."  We then checked the list and all was well.

List keeping is really an art-form that begs for consistency and practice.  How will you rely on your lists today?

Today's post also appears on HD Biz, a great blog from friend and blogger Stephen Smith.

GTDMike StPierre