How Green is Your Workplace?

Photo by Steve Roe

Let's face it- it's in to be green and there are so many ways to participate.  Walking, public transportation, recycling, cleaning products, organic food, recycled products, sustainable goods...the list goes on and on.  I recently found these stylish outdoor pots, made from corn husks. 

The Vatican has even weighed in on greening the planet.

A green home is one thing but a green workplace may be more difficult to find.  Or create.  You see, at home, I only have five people to motivate towards recycling.  At work, forty-five.  More difficult yes, but the impact of forty-five could be tremendous.  Plus, that's nine times the amount of paper that could be reused as something else.  Nine times the amount of electricity...nine times the impact.

What's holding you back from a greener workplace?

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