What if Your Best Still Isn't Enough?

You have the education.  Your resume is impressive as the day is long.  The passion is still there.  You still arrive early and stay late.  Your planner is rough around the edges due to its use.  You've still got your edge and you could work in any number of competing organizations.

But what if it's still not good enough?

What if the community that you're currently in doesn't get it and thinks that you're kind of ordinary?  Worse yet, what if they are taking you for granted, thinking that you're a lifer?

Your 'best', while still impressive to some, has lost its luster.  The honeymoon is over and you see the warts around every corner.  You have three choices:

  • Stay and be miserable.

  • Stay, dig in and look beyond the 'now'.

  • Leave.

The choice you make is of course a reflection of yourself.  Better do some power reflecting and get away in solitude.  It's the best that you can do.