Productivity and Good Friday

Christians around the world today celebrate Jesus' death.  Oddly enough, it's been called Good Friday for centuries.  Click here for an audio of today's readings.

As I attended service today at 3pm, it was a solemn event, marked with silence and more prayers than usual.  All senses engaged.  Some folks wished us a 'Happy Easter' and somehow it felt awkward, as if we weren't totally ok with waiting for Sunday.  Unfortunately, you can't fast forward through Good Friday and then suddenly arrive at Easter. 

When it comes to productivity, there is this same tension- between living fully in the present (no matter how mundane or difficult it may be) and yet leaning towards what we hope will develop in the future.  This might be a raise, a new position or a new challenge at work.  Let's face it, it's easy to fall into the "greener grass" temptation where the other side is somehow more desirable than what is currently on your plate.

The key of course is accepting now in order to get to then. 

FaithMike StPierre