10 Sure-Fire Ways to Beat the February Blues

Photo by kool_skatkat

It's that time of year again, when the cold doesn't go away and the days are dark.  A former boss of mine once said, "Never make a big decision in February," and I think that he was right.  It's not a time of year that, in the Northeast U.S. at least, is particularly cheery.

What can you do to combat the February blues?  Here are some sure-fire ways that will pick you up and get you smoothly into Spring:

Change your voice mail message.  Sounds so basic but give it a try and see what happens.  Your callers will also know that you have a pulse and are keeping it real.

Move around your furniture.  A change in layout, placement, or even pairing can go a long way.  Furniture placement is definitely an art so figure out what works for you and then enjoy what you've created.  Generative activity is one of the best triggers to the brain to stimulate happiness.

Purge your closets. Tossing 'stuff' is also a great way to maintain simplicity and combat the winter blues. 

Clean your car.  Since you have to spend time in the car on a regular basis, keeping it clean makes a lot of sense.  You'll maintain a healthier space but the act of cleaning will also give you a boost to make it through February.

Change your website or blog design. Why not mix it up?  If you use Wordpress or Typepad, there are many templates out there which are easy enough to install.  Try something out and ask for feedback from your readers.  Why not create a contest that would let the readers choose the look and feel that they enjoy the most?

Streamline your desk. A clean desk is essential for maximum productivity.  More than that, it keeps you in the zone and allows you to tune out visual distractions.  Keep it simple, nothing more and nothing less.

Clean out your wallet or handbag.  Similar to purging a closet, a journey through a wallet or purse reveals all sorts of things.  Clean it out and you'll be amazed how much lighter it is when receipts and unnecessary items are tossed.

Go for a new look. Mix it up with a new hair style, an affordable wardrobe makeover or one new accessory which you'll use regularly.  If your health insurance provides for new glasses, why keep wearing that old pair with the broken nose-pieces?

Take a mini-vacation. A long weekend during February makes a lot of sense.  It doesn't have to be far from home nor expensive to make this idea happen. 

Throw a party.  Invite a small group of your good friends over and call it a "Winter Blues" get together.  Invite everyone to bring a dish and then enjoy the night!