The Zen of Maximized Living: "Productivia"

Photo by lanx1983

You know the feeling of a "good day".  For each of us it is made up of different elements, like a finely appointed living room.  It just feels solid, as if its 'look' will stay with you for a while.

Why should productivity be any different?

A productive day leaves you feeling great, moderately tired but ready to replicate at a moment's notice.  It's a place to which you want to return, only to find that your in-box, voice mails and barrage of workplace interruptions get in the way.  Not to mention the self issues of perfectionism, procrastination and that old nemesis, laziness.

What is productivia?  It's the zen of maximized living, a right-sized blend of work and life.  It has time for friendship and sees time as a stewardship to be used wisely.  Why not begin today to dial back the things that bother you and increase your sense of productivia?  It is possible.