A Minimalist Guide to Weekend Renewal: 6 Easy Ways to Recharge the Batteries

Photo by RickyDavid

My friend Gene lives like a rock star.  He travels the globe, working and playing and then blogging about it for all to enjoy.  There are others who test drive expensive cars or even jump out of airplanes. 

I'd like to suggest something a bit simpler this weekend. 

Weekend time can easily get swallowed up in errands, birthday parties for kids and house work.  Even for church-goers, weekend time can get absorbed in a myriad of programs and events.  The key, as usual, is to simplify. Here are some minimalist ideas for your Saturday and Sunday:

  • Reintroduce yourself to a book.  Hard as it may seem, few of us actually sit down and read.  Why not look at your options and enjoy one chapter from a book?  It really is possible and with a cup of java on hand, the words will fly by your eyes with little to no effort. 

  • Reclaim one space that was previously cluttered. As this is a minimalist guide to weekend renewal, I'm not talking about a whole-scale cleaning here, just a place that you can reclaim for another purpose.  If a guest bedroom is a dumping bin for junk, commit to repurposing it as your art studio or home office.  Maybe there is a corner of a room that isn't being used well- why not create a meditation corner?

  • Capture a moment with nature. Don't just go for a walk but get in the car and find some inspiring piece of nature that you can enjoy.  Choose a park, a scenic overlook or even a courtyard within a museum.  Just sit and enjoy. 

  • Start a new journal.  I like the .99 cent tablet journals and the simplicity of them works for me.  Choose something that fits your style and commit to writing in it each morning. 

  • Reintroduce yourself to God.  Have a talk, share your feelings and spend some time with God this weekend.  Many people find that silence is difficult when they pray but if you see it as God's instrument, silence becomes a friend that you regularly spend time with.

  • Create a simple night for your family.  Rent a movie, crank up the popcorn and get comfortable!  There are many simple and affordable things that you can do with your family that are just plain fun.

Sometimes I envy guys with a rock-star lifestyle, wondering why my Toyota Camry doesn't
have racing stripes or a sub-woofer in place of a back seat.  Then, I
shake myself out of it and appreciate all that I have.